Tuesday, 17 February 2015

This Is What I Live For..

Yesterday, I went to a gig, for the first time in around two months. I'm not kidding when I say that the atmosphere, and the people and the feeling I get in a concert venue, is what I live for. I'd forgotten how much I love it. 

I hate the queuing, especially in the cold, but I didn't mind yesterday. I was just so happy it was insane! The first support band of the night was called Oh Captive, and last night's was their last show. The second support band was called Dead! and I have seen them twice before. They were even better than I remembered them. Their new songs were brilliant, and their usual stuff sounded even better than before. All the way through their set, I had this crazy-big smile on my face; I'm so proud of those boys! 

Then the headline band. I'd listened to their first album when they released it, earlier last year, and I thought they were good, but I was into heavier music at the time, so didn't think much more of it. They released an EP on 9th February, and it is beautiful. The band is called Fort Hope. Their music is beautiful. 
By this point in the gig, I'd managed to get centre second row, so I was looking directly up at the singer. It was super crowded, and the band was a lot heavier than expected! There was a lot of people jumping around and shoving (they were stood behind me), and I feel sorry for the girls I kept getting pushed into. Fort Hope were a lot heavier live (the bass and guitars were much louder) but I absolutely loved it. Every single second. Usually at gigs, I zone out for at least one song, but this time, I didn't. It was amazing. 

Then, afterwards, I brought a physical copy of Fort Hope's EP (I'm one of those annoying people... sorry), a wristband, got a free badge, and got a copy of Oh Captive's first EP for £1. (I already own loads of Dead! merch..). I spoke to a couple of guys from Dead!, and the singer of FH singed my CD. I am still so happy.

I was going to put my band-member-and-me photos, but I look too stupid.. Y'all should check out Fort Hope!! Buy their EP (£3.99 on iTunes apparently..)
- Dottie. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Education System.

The following YouTube video inspired me to write this post. Watch the video first, then read what I have to say.

Okay, so I'm assuming you've watched the video now. My blog isn't really about the same stuff, but the video is still relevant. 

School sucks. For the first few years of secondary school, its not too bad. Then you start your GCSEs and it's suddenly like going to hell and back. Every. Day. 

My school has been putting so much more pressure on us recently, and I don't quite understand why. They cannot force people to work harder, and get their head down and revise. Yet, they seem to give us loads of extra work anyway. If people don't want to work, they won't. So the people who need less work to do, and less stress, get a bucket load more, because some assholes can't sit down, shut up and do work. 

A lot of teachers seem to think that grades are all that matter. We had a mock exam week (that lasted around three weeks) in December, and we had a 'results day'. A huge deal was made about something that doesn't even matter. And those mock exams made an anxiety problem way worse for my best friend. That is so wrong. (And I hope she's okay <3) 

I heard the other day that year 8s (12 or 13 year olds) are choosing their GCSE subjects soon. I don't get it. Adults expect teenagers to have no reason to be stressed/anxious/depressed/mentally unstable, and they're so wrong. We're expected to be able to juggle school, school work, other work, social lives, friendships, relationships, regular exercise and enough sleep. 
I was told a few months ago, that I was expected to shut myself away every night after school, after having done my homework, and sit in silence with no phones/laptops etc, and revise. 
I don't go out with my friends very often, I go to a concert maybe once a month. I play guitar and bass, but barely have time to practice. I don't really have a life, because it feels like school is my life.. That didn't make sense, but you get where I'm coming from. 

And, school seems to drag on forever. Seriously. This week feels like it's been three months. Everyday is the same, there is no change of routine. It's wake up, get dressed, eat, get ready, do work/go out, come home, play guitar, shower, sleep. Even on weekends. It sucks. I want my life back. 

This pretty accurately sums up school:
"I'm going insane, but that's okay because my grades are more important than my mental health anyway."

Okay, bye!
- Dottie.