Sunday, 31 January 2016

Liebster Award.... (x2)

Hello there!! It's been a while, and I've been meaning to write part of this post for ages.... 

But I have been nominated for a Liebster Award!!

Yes indeed, both the lovely Sam Denby and the wonderful TeenageTanglewreck nominated me, and I've been meaning to answer Sam's questions since she nominated me.. So I'm going to answer both sets of questions.. 

Now, for those of you who don't know what this award is, and I'll be honest, I didn't, it's basically a way of raising awareness of bloggers without large followings. So here's how it works... 

  1. Someone nominates you. In their post, they will have answered 11 questions, then nominated 11 bloggers with less than 1000 followers or readers. They will then create 11 questions for the 11 bloggers to answer. 
  2. These bloggers will then answer the questions, nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 1000 readers, and create 11 new questions.. Don't forget to put links to their pages!! Oh, and comment on their blog to let them know!!
  3. And so it goes... 
I hope that makes sense!! And now, without further ado, let's answer the questions!!

Sam Denby's questions: 

1. Your Favourite Album?
My favourite album is possibly Green Day's American Idiot, just because it was the first album that made me think 'holy shit, I want to get involved in the music scene. I want to do this!!'

2. Favourite book?
I think my favourite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Because, y'know, Harry Potter.. And there's just something about that book!

3. If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Easy peasy, water! Honestly, I drink water all the time when I'm at college, and it just makes me feel healthy, and good.. Although I do really want to say tea.. I love tea...

4. Fruit or Vegetable?

5. Your Favourite Holiday?
By this I assume you mean, like Christmas, Easter, etc. and I am going to say Christmas, as I get to see all of my family, and that makes me very happy!

6. If you could dance with anyone, who would you dance with?
Hmm, well I don't dance, but I guess I would dance with Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari, because we both dance in a similar way.. (Like, crazed jumping around to heavy music..)

7. Main reason to why you started your blog?
I started this blog as an outlet for all of my thoughts and emotions. My little corner of the Internet has given me a voice, and I'm very thankful for that!!

8. What are your top 3 moments of 2015?
Hmm, this is difficult... 
  1. Reading Festival, because I never thought that would happen!
  2. The Turbowolf gig in December. It was so fun, and my favourite band were there, too!!
  3. Starting college, and finally getting to study something that I really enjoy!
9. Who did you hug last?
My mum! (I think?)

10. What makes you happy no matter what?
Hmm.. I guess that knowing that I have some truly amazing best friends, and that I have a whole life that I can make my own.. Like I have an entire future that I can shape into something amazing.. 

11.  Cheese or Cracker?

Hmm.. Crackers!! 

Yay, thank you Sammy!! And now it's time for... 

TeenageTanglewreck's Questions:

1. Have you ever left your home country? If not, have you ever been interstate?
I live in the UK, more specifically England, and while I have not left the UK, I have been to Wales.. If that counts? 

2. If you could have any job and everyone gets the same amount what job would you love to have?
Well, my dream job is to be a sound engineer in a live environment, i.e. gigs.. And I'm already working towards that, which is amazing.. I guess though, I'd love to tour with bands like Biffy Clyro, Enter Shikari, etc., and work at huge festivals.. That would be the dream!

3. What would a day in your life consist of?
Well on an average college day, I get up, and depending on how much time I have, I will do some yoga.. Then I get ready to get a bus, walk to college, see friends, go to lesson, have a break, more lessons, then I walk to the bus, then get a bus, then go home.. When I'm at home, I eat, shower, then sleep.. 
On an average weekend, or day off, I might bake, play guitar, blog, have a driving lesson.. Lots of stuff, but nothing super interesting..

4. If someone met you for the first time what's one word they'd use to describe you?
Well, so many people describe me as quiet, so I guess that would be it? Or perhaps kind.. 

5. What's your biggest fear, not something like spiders but something like never being to have children?
My biggest fear is forgetting.. Like when people drink too much, and they say stuff like "oh, I can't even remember how I got home last night!" Like doesn't that terrify you?! I would hate to not know parts of my life.. And then there's stuff like dementia.. You forget everyone you know.. I am getting scared even writing about it.. 

6. What's something you do only for yourself? E.g blogging 
Hmm, this is interesting.. See, I want to say that I live my life just for myself, but that's not true. I guess the one thing I completely do for myself is going to college to study music technology, because no one told me that it's what I should do.. I found it for myself.. And that means a lot. 

7. What do you think is the perfect age to get married (if you want to get married)?
I guess this is different for everyone, and it's hard to say exactly when I want to get married.. I guess I'll know when it comes to it.. (maybe after 25?)

8. What's one thing that you have a natural talent for?
I guess that I am intelligent, and a quick learner. 

9. Do you have a best friend that you know you'll be best friends forever?
I have two perfect best friends, Emma and Vicky, and they had better not leave me!!

10. If you could live in any country where would you live?
I'm actually pretty happy living in the UK, the gig scene is good!! But I might have to say America, or Australia.. Because why not?!

11. What out of school activities do you do?
I am getting into indoor rock climbing, I go to gigs, I play guitar.. But nothing worthy of writing about! 

Okey dokey, so now you know me a little better!! I am nominating...
  1. Life of a Blonde (Lauryn) 
  2. A Visual Soliloquy 
  3. Chicken Nugget (Emma) 
  4. Karin Wild
  5. Her Electric Ocean (Sara Lou)
  6. Midnight Daydream (Anon)
  7. Emma at Average Teen
  8. The Terrible Tales of an Awkward Teen (Alliah) 
  9. The Vinyl Notebook (although this may not be your thing? I don't know, sorry!)
  10. Wondergoth
  11. Vicky at Wings of Freedom!

Okay guys, so your questions are as follows: 

  1. What would be your desert island album? (Basically if you could only listen to one album for the rest of time, what would it be?) 
  2. What is your favourite quote, and why? 
  3. What three people do you look up to the most, and why? 
  4. What was the last whole album you purchased? 
  5. If you could see any band (ever to exist) live, what band would it be, and why? 
  6. Coffee shop or restaurant, and why? 
  7. Do you prefer going to the cinema, or watching movies at home? 
  8. What medium is best for playing music (vinyl, CD, iTunes, tape...)? 
  9. Do you have a "usual" drink in a coffee shop? 
  10. What three words would you use to describe your style? 
  11. Why did you start your blog, and how do you want it's future to be (e.g. professional, personal, etc.) ? 
So there we are!! I hope that you all learnt something about me from this, and to those who I've nominated, I look forward to seeing your answers to my questions!!

Bye for now, 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Tips for a Better Week!

So last week wasn't such a great week for me. Stuff happened that lead to me being emotional, and it's kind of petty stuff, but it bothered me, so that's that.. So now I'm going to share some tips for having a better week!!

Last week's diary pages

Tip 1: Get enough sleep. 

I know that this sounds stupid, and obvious, but honestly, getting enough sleep really does help with your mood, your concentration, and overall well-being. 

Tip 2: Plan ahead. 

Make lists, write everything in your diary, and keep it open on your desk. Know where you need to be, and when. Not only does this help you with your organisation, but it means that you don't have to faff about trying to figure out what needs to be done, etc. Bonus tip: whenever you make plans, put it straight in your diary. That way, you won't forget, or double-book anything.

Tip 3: Make time to relax. 

This one is especially important! You shouldn't be working right up until you go to sleep - take time to unwind before bed. Keep a bedtime routine - stop work at least an hour before you want to go to bed, and make a hot drink, put your PJs on, take off your makeup if you wear it.. Use this time to unwind and end the day properly and without stress. 

Tip 4: Pay attention to deadlines. 

This sounds daft, but if you have work that's due in two weeks, and work that's due in a few days, do that one first. It will mean less stress the night before it's due in. But also, don't leave work that's not due in for a while until the last minute, because otherwise, y'know, more stress. 

Tip 5: Treat each day as a fresh start. 

Don't dwell on yesterday. If you have a bad day, realise it, accept it, then go to sleep, and forget it. Bonus tip 2: Don't start each day with the idea that it will be a bad day.. Especially Mondays.. Mondays are good! 

So these are just a few little things that you can do to help your week flow smoothly, and to help you to think more positively. But remember, if you are having a bad week, it's not the end of the world; nothing lasts forever, just like you won't be sad forever. Just keep looking forward, and know that you're doing the best you can. 

Have a good week, my lovelies!! 
- Dottie. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

17 Things About 17 Year Old Me

This is my most recent photo of myself.. I thought it was valid to this post...
So I turn 18 in October.. And that terrifies me, and also kind of excites me... And I think it would be nice to have something to look back on, to see what I'm doing right now, at 17.. So without further ado, let's go for it...

  1. I want to explore the music industry as much as possible. I know I want to work in the music industry, but there are so many things that I don't know about, and I want to just try everything, because what if I don't have a go at something that I might end up falling in love with? 
  2. I have never been in a relationship and I am scared of being in one.. I just don't know how to be, and just everything about it frightens me.. 
  3. I love music. All music. I appreciate how difficult it is to create a piece of music that works, and how much you doubt yourself when you're creating. But I guess punk/rock/indie music is my favourite.. 
  4. I'm getting fed up of playing guitar. I don't know why, but recently I've just gone off it.. I want to be able to do all of these amazing things, and I can't.. Maybe that's why.. It is quite off-putting when you aren't where you want to be.. 
  5. I still struggle to talk to people, and it really bothers me.. Like I'm 17 years old and I can't string a sentence together when I talk to someone new?! 
  6. I cannot wait to go to university.. It will be a whole new adventure! I want to live alone, and have everything organised the way that I want to, and have peace and quiet, and just yeah.. I want to learn new skills and make new connections and know new people.. I am really excited!! 
  7. I want to be vegetarian but I don't really like food. It sounds stupid, but I just don't.. I want to change that this year. Hopefully I will. 
  8. I love writing! I'm starting to take this whole blogging thing seriously, and I'm volunteering for an online music blog/magazine. As of this moment, I haven't written anything, but soon!! 
  9. I designed a t-shirt for a band. They're a very small band, but still.. I can't get over that!!
  10. I love learning and I never want to stop learning. I never want to be content with my skill set, and I want there to always be something that I want to try my hand at!! 
  11. I cannot make my mind up about my style; some days I dress punk/rocker/indie, and others I wear cute clothes and pretty makeup. I am both, and that is okay.. I enjoy it. 
  12. I know I can do anything I put my mind to, but sometimes my mind tells me that I'm wrong. I try not to listen to it, though. 
  13. Most people watch movies, or take bubble baths to relax. I don't relax completely unless I've been to a gig. It helps me to get all of my anger and emotions out. It's a thing.. I think? 
  14. I want to do yoga. 
  15. I love cute animals.. They make me so happy. I think this is why I buy cruelty-free beauty products as often as I can. 
  16. I don't take selfies (ugh hate that word), but I am trying to love myself.. So far, I think it's working.. 
  17. I see myself as an artistic person. I might not be very good at anything artistic, but one day.. Because after all, practice makes perfect!! 
So there we are.. 17 things about myself.. If you read it, I hope you found it interesting!!

Bye for now!!
- Dottie. 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

"Don't Grow Up; It's a Trap"

Recently I've been feeling like
I stepped in a puddle
Only to find out
It was the sea 
And I cannot swim.

Panic-inducing waves 
And ice cold, dark waters
Surround me
Tower over me.

I cannot breathe.

Is this how it feels to grow up?
Suddenly you're alone
And panicking
With everyone yelling at you
Telling you to breathe
As if they can't see the waters that surround you.

One day I was jumping in piles of leaves
The next
Paying taxes
Voting in elections
Time moves so fast
And I have no hope
Of ever keeping up. 

So if you couldn't guess from my little poem-type-thing, I am scared of growing up. I turn 18 this year, and there are so many big decisions about my future that I have to make.. And sure, I've literally only just started college, and being 18 is no big deal, but to me... it kind of is. 

You see, everyone around me seems to be confident, and successful, they all have jobs and don't wear the same pair of jeans for like a week.. And me? I'm still just this small, shy, quiet kid that can't talk to new people, and freaks out whenever she even thinks about getting a job.. I cannot be 18 this year.. I'm almost an adult.. No. No way.. 

I swear it was only yesterday I was in school?? And now I'm looking into universities, and booking open days to have a look around.. My brain can't seem to comprehend the fact that I'm 18 this year.. I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life.. And it scares me so, so much. More than it should.. I've been feeling very emotional lately.. 

Anyway, have a photo I took while I went on a walk this morning, to help clear my head...

Out of focus photos and fingerless gloves aren't cool? Pfft, you're not cool. 

Anyways, back to freaking out about my future!

Bye for now, guys!!

- Dottie. 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Curve of the Earth - Mystery Jets.

Mystery Jets 

It's been around three years since indie rock band Mystery Jets released an album, and now they've gone and released their fifth album!! Curve of the Earth was released January 15th 2016, so only yesterday, but I've a feeling it's going somewhere!

The opening song, Telomere instantly got me thinking of bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, with the smooth vocals and lazy, chilled out guitar riffs. As the album progresses, more synths are used, creating a varying, interesting feel to it. For some reason, it feels very 80s/new wave to me!

Bubblegum is a song that speaks, talking of memories, and how things change. This is a poignant track, which stands out. Midnight Mirror is a more rocky track, not dissimilar to The Vaccines' music. 

Another stand-out track is the final song, The End Up, which has more of an acoustic pop sound, but it's still amazing nonetheless! The whole album progresses and keeps you interested just enough to listen for almost an hour. However, my only complaint would be there is little variation in the style of the music, which is to be expected, since they are an indie band, but it would be nice to see a few little changes, to shake things up a bit.

Overall, the whole album is beautifully crafted, bring to the table some lovely indie pop sounds, and a very chilled vibe. Put it on in the background when hanging out with friends, or blast as loud as you can and have a dance party, it's up to you, but this album is here to be enjoyed!!

Rating: 7/10

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines, etc. 


So guys, I hope you liked my review of this album, you should definitely check it out!! 

I thought I'd get a little practice in, as I'm looking into volunteering for an online music magazine, writing reviews and the such, which should be good!!

Okay, bye for now!

- Dottie. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

More Motivation: Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New!!

How many of us won't try something new, for fear of being judged? Maybe you don't want to join the gym, or go to the alternative section of the clothing store.. Why? Because you think all of the super-strong, super-fit people at the gym will laugh at you? Because the more alternative people will shame you for not being as alternative as them? 

Well so what?! The thing is, we all start somewhere, we are all beginners at some point in our lives. Not to be cliche, but you couldn't run before you could walk, right?! Because everyone is bad at something.

I am pretty convinced that I've written something similar to this before, but even if I have, I want to write this one. It'll hopefully be worded better, anyway. 

So, here's the thing.. I have recently started getting into climbing, like indoor rock climbing. And I can do the belaying thing, which, if you don't know, it's the part where you stand on the floor, feeding the rope, and making sure the person climbing doesn't die. (I didn't put does, like I did when trying to explain it to my guy friend from college!) And that bit, I don't mind, I can do it well enough.. The climbing part, however... Well, let's just say I'm not strong, graceful, or the best with heights.. So yeah, basically, I am not the best at climbing. But I enjoy it. And that's what matters!! 

I was actually thinking about this while I was climbing yesterday, but the thing is, you don't have to be good at something to enjoy it. Hmm.. For example, you could be the goddamn worst photographer ever, but if you enjoy it, then you'll be more likely to stick at it, and learn. And then you'll improve! Yay!!

As for the whole fear of being judged.. Yeah, I know that all too well, which is why I no longer go to the gym. Because all of those regulars, the people you look at and think 'wow, why can't I be like them?!' make you feel inadequate. And for what? They were terrible at whatever is is, too. And then they got better. And if people do judge you, well, they've obviously forgotten how they were before they started learning, or whatever. Don't let those elitists stop you from doing whatever the hell you want to. Don't let a single person stop you, or tell you that you can't! 

May I now refer you to a quote from Adventure Time, because apparently I am super childish... 

And so there we are... I hope this helped in some way.. I should be back tomorrow with a well-crafted, artistic post, and I've also got a blogger award post to write.. So yay!!

Bye for now, 

- Dottie. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Motivational Monday - Take Pride in What You Do.

Hello! It's been a few days, and I thought I would write a new motivational post, so here goes... 

We all do something in our lives, whether it's school, work, college, or volunteering.. But how many of us actually enjoy what we do, and look at something that we've done, and feel a sense of accomplishment? Hmm, well not me, that's for sure.. 
The thing about being human is, I think we've evolved to be negative, and to not want to own up to having done something great. When I was in school, I would always downplay my achievements; I got a fair few A*s on mock exams, and the like, and people would always ask "wow, how did you do that? How many hours did you spend revising for that?!" And my answers would always be something along the lines of "oh, not many, I didn't really bother, it just sort of happened..". And I know that actually pissed off a few people.. Because I did put effort into my work, and sure, I had natural ability, but I also worked for it, too.. 

"Stop downplaying your achievements just because you think they are small or insignificant."

So here's the thing...  Don't put yourself down, or downplay anything that you do. Because holy sh*t, you did it! Whether it's something small, like actually getting up early and getting breakfast, or something huge like completing a massive assignment, or anything in between... You did that. You spent time on it, you motivated yourself into doing something that seemed impossible for you... Be proud!! 

I can't remember what book I read this in, but the situation was that a girl was complimented by her guy friend, and she was like "no, I don't look nice" or whatever.. And he told her to just say thank you.. Because it's gracious and it means that someone appreciated you.. Don't downplay that. 

Now a lot of people might see pride as a bad thing, and yes, it can be, if you're overconfident, and you show off about it.. But there's nothing wrong with being low-key proud of something.. In fact, it's a good thing! I'm going to give another example here, because I don't know how else to explain it.. But where are my arty people?! How many times have you had an image in your head of something that you want to create, only to end up disappointed when the final thing doesn't turn out how you imagined?? Because it happens to me basically every. single. time. 

However, when you stop, and actually think about it.. You created something. From nothing. Isn't that amazing?! But you don't think about that, you can only see the imperfections... So you don't feel proud, you end up sad, or pissed off, and think you're not talented... 

And you are. Each and every single one of you. And even if you aren't, there is someone out there that is so, so proud of you, and you can't even comprehend that.. Why? What is it that makes you think that people don't care, or that you aren't worthy of self love? Because self love is just like any other kind of love.. It's unconditional, and you deserve it just as much as anyone else. 

So please, stop downplaying every little thing you do. Instead, smile, accept that it happened, and feel a sense of pride. Because you did it. Let me say it again.. You. Did. It! Whatever it was, you did it.. Even if you just picked out a nice outfit, or actually did your makeup.. You did it, why the heck shouldn't you feel proud?!

Okay guys,  I think that's about it.. I hope this was inspiring, or motivational in some way, because it is nice to know that I helped in some way.. 

And remember, be proud of yourself!


- Dottie. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Teenage Dirtbag Gets a Makeover!!

Yep, I did it!! I finally gave my blog another makeover!! I find it so fun (and also really stressful, as Emma knows!) to create new headers, and logos, and change the layout and look for blogs.. 

So this is the finished product!! Well, on desktop anyway.. If you're on mobile, it doesn't look like this: 

So I guess I'll talk you through what's here, then.. 
Obviously, there is the title of my blog, which, if you didn't know, was named after the Wheatus song, Teenage Dirtbag. I had a tiny obsession, okay???
Then there are the pages of my blog. Now, if anyone knows how to get those to be central, then please, please tell me, because it really bothers me. I haven't updated those pages in ages (haha, it rhymes!!), but hopefully I can start that again soon. 

Then, on the left at the top, there is the link to my Instagram profile, which I will hopefully be updating more frequently, once I start taking more photos, and learn how my dad's camera works. Yay!

Underneath that is just my blog archive, and popular posts, which is pretty self-explanatory, Yay! Then on the right is my blogger profile, a quick and easy way to follow my blog on Bloglovin', and the labels which should be on most of my posts, to help you to find something that you might be interested in. 

Right at the bottom of my blog are some link badges, one of which goes to Teenage Blogger Central, one for my bestie, Vicky's blog, and the other to Emma's blog. Go check them out!!

And, finally, there are the main posts, which are dead central. 

So have fun exploring my new blog!! I had fun creating this, and I might start looking into coding sometime soon, so that I can create a fully custom blog.

This is exciting!!

Bye for now, 
- Dottie. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Day in (New) Docs...

Finally, finally, I am back at college!! Woo hoo!! I might have missed it while I was at home, but honestly, I'm not glad to be back.. 

Sure, I've missed learning, and just having people around, but I don't like being here. I'm already fed up of being here, around the people I'm around.. Well, except for maybe one person? I really cannot wait to go to university and start a new adventure. 

Anyway, enough complaining, because people have it worse than me, and I'm lucky enough to be doing a course that I actually want to do. And people have it worse than me. Nope, I am going to be positive. 

And tell you about my gorgeous new shoes!!

I don't know if you remember, or if you even read this blog often, but I wrote about getting a new pair of Doctor Martens.. Now, if you don't know, a pair of Docs require breaking in, as they're pretty tough leather. This means that if you wear them rigt away, for a really long period of time, they'll probably hurt your feet. 

And guess what I decided to do today? Yep, you guessed it, I wore my new Docs!! But they are so lush, and so far, right now, my feet are holding up really well. So yay, me! However, I haven't really done very much walking, and I'm wearing a pair of normal socks, and Doc Socks, which are padded to help break in new boots.. So, ordinarily, my feet would basically be dead.. But not today!! Hah! 

I don't even know what I'm writing anymore, but I'm chilling on my own in the library, because my "friends" have gone into town, and I didn't want to go. So I'm blogging to make it look like I'm actually doing work.. 

Because that's another thing, I have finished all of my work.. Okay, this is going to turn into a full-on rant about college if I'm not careful. But I'm the only one in my Tuesday class that has finished last term's assignment. Which is great, because, as my teacher keeps reminding me, it puts me in a great position to start the next assignment. However, it also means I have bugger-all to do for the next two to three weeks while I wait for everyone else to finish their stuff.. And I can't just stay at home, because my attendance is already at 97%.. Because I skived a few lessons.. We're also kind of doing a new assignment alongside the old one, and it's just complicated.. 

And my friends don't do work.. So they have a crap-tonne of work to do, and they just don't do it.. So it's going to be fun when/if they get kicked off the course.. 

But, as I've said to Emma multiple times, I'm not here to make friends. I already have some incredible best friends, so why do I need anyone else? Although I have one good(ish) friend at college.. He kinda seems to understand me, and can actually see when I'm upset.. And HE GETS MY TEA OBSESSION!!! Emma thinks I have a crush on him, and I honestly don't know.. He gives good hugs.. 

But yeah, I'm only in college to start learning how to be a kick-ass sound engineer, so that's what I'm doing.. I'm going to look at uni courses now, even though I don't go for another year and a half.. (Next September.. Like 2017!!!) 

BYe for now,
- Dottie. 

Monday, 4 January 2016

Sometimes, I Am Sad.

Because there is happiness in every day! 
Sometimes, I am sad. Sometimes, everyone is sad. It's a part of life, a part of being human. 
As a human being, we can explore complex emotions, and different thoughts and feelings. We experience things, and each one of us experiences these things in a slightly different way, because our brains are wired a different way, we think differently, we grew up differently.

It's weird, the way that, even if two identical people were brought up exactly the same way, things would still probably be slightly different for them.. I don't really know how it works, or why, but I'm pretty sure it's a thing. 

And sometimes we are sad. It's life. Without the sadness, and the darker emotions, we wouldn't be able to identify when we experience happiness, or lighter emotions. Make sense? But something that I think happens for all people is, when we are sad, or angry, or anxious, we don't think that there will be a way out; our minds get stuck in this stupid sad, anxious, angry place, and we get ourselves stuck. 
Or, at least, that's how it is for me, anyway. 
Despite all of the happy experiences and moments, and days I've had in my life, I still get stuck in that place, and I forget, sometimes, that happiness exists. But, for some reason, today was different. I was curled up in bed, playing Candy Crush, as you do when you're sad (and have an essay/assignment to write..), and I couldn't stop thinking of my friends. I was thinking about Emma and Vicky, and how close we are, and how happy I am when I'm with them. Seriously, they make me laugh more than anyone else. And I was thinking of my new friend from college, who I hung out with on Thursday. We got tea, and he just stupid little things that make me smile. 

And I think we forget about these little moments. I don't know if you've read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but if you haven't, you should. It's very insightful, and very good. But anyway, there's a little bit in that book about when you're happy, you should try to remember the moment, take a snapshot and file it away so that you can look at it when you're sad.. I mean, it doesn't always work, but it's a nice thought, right?

I don't know about anyone else, but when I used to get sad, I'd do stuff to make it worse, like look at people's perfect lives on Twitter and Facebook, and I would just get even more sad because my life wasn't like theirs.. But I've realised now, my life is perfect. But we look at all of these stunning beauty YouTubers, and see their glamorous lifestyle, and it's easy to get upset, because why is my life not like hers? Why don't I have perfect skin, or voluminous hair? So I usually end up in this stupid, deep well of sadness. And I'm not letting that happen today. 

Nope. No way. Today, I actually started thinking of my friends, and how lucky I am.. And I tried on my beautiful new Cherry Red Docs, and cheered up.. That wasn't the only thing that cheered me up, but it was certainly one of them.. It's like the Paolo Nutini song about putting on new shoes and being happy..
Except my new Docs will take ages to break in.. So I won't be happy, but whatever.. 

I remembered what I was writing about now!!

I wanted to say that sometimes I get sad about my life. I want to be an adult, with a job I love, and I want to be really good at makeup and have flawless skin and a cute, petite dainty face shape.. But I can still be happy right here, right now.

I might be the biggest nerd ever to walk this earth, but I embrace that. I am proud of that. And I might wear stupid, clumpy combat boots. But I can bloody well rock those combat boots!! 

Sadness is an inevitable part of life, it's part of the human thing we all do, y'know, where we feel emotions.. But I think some sadness can be avoided by learning to love yourself.. So many people can look in a mirror and criticize themselves; everyone has flaws, or imperfections, but if you look at someone, just glance at them, you don't see them.. You look at the girl with the blue hair and think "wow, she's brave, and stunning!" or the guy with the Docs and band tee and see him as himself, despite maybe having bad skin or messy hair.. 

You can avoid some sadness by making peace with yourself, instead of fighting a war constantly.. You might be a dork, but you're you, and isn't that awesome? Like so what if you don't listen to the same music as everyone else, or you don't wear a face full of makeup. If you can learn to love yourself, and be happy with yourself, then things will be better. 

All it takes is a little love!! 

Bye, bye! 
- Dottie. 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker... With Flowers in My Hair!

Okay, so recently I've been paying with the idea of dying my hair again. So, for anyone who doesn't know, in summer, I had my hair dyed a really bright purple/pink colour, and it faded stupidly fast when I went to Reading Festival. Since then, I've been letting it grow out, and the colour has faded from a weird purple/pink, to orange, and now it's a slightly orange-blonde colour.. My natural colour is a kind of dark blonde, I guess? So my roots a tad darker than the rest of my hair. 

And I want to dye it again. Not all of it, just some of it.. But I want to be adventurous, and while I don't have a job, and college doesn't care, I can do that! So this is what I want... 

I am tempted to get my hair cut even shorter, so, like chin length, and being shorter at the front? OR I want to dye it again underneath. Because punk rock. 

The colours I'm considering are dark green, like really dark green, or bright blue? Because why not?? Something like the image below. 
From Pinterest

I don't know what it is about dyed hair, but I just really like it! There's still something very 'alternative' and punk rock about it.. Something that makes people look at you and think "hmm, yeah, they're uh different?" As always, I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I want my hair dyed again!! 

Although there are some downsides to dyed hair.. I mean, every time you wash it, you get dye everywhere.. Think coloured shampoo splashed on the walls of the shower.. And the sun can cause it to fade.. If you have purples, pinks, reds, etc. they will fade. Like a lot. 

And also I probably can't dye my hair green because a girl in my class at college has green hair.. Yup.. That would just be really awkward.. I don't like to be seen to be copying people, which is why I haven't got my nose pierced. I just like to be an original, and one of the girls with her nose pierced might get funny with me, which isn't what I want..

I don't know, though.. Hair dye and hair styles are a great way to express yourself, and it's just a pretty cool thing. So, if I get a job, then I can afford to dye my hair! Yay, exciting!! 

Bye for now! 
- Dottie. 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Wow, Man, That's So 80s!!

As I said in my previous post, I am going to listen to more vinyl. And so that's what I did.. For like twenty minutes before I had to leave, and then when I got back, my dad was asleep, so I couldn't listen to my records, as the speakers are stupidly loud.. 

So I dug through all of the records on my shelf, to find one to listen to. I will admit that most of them have never been listened to by me, so it's always difficult to choose something to listen to. Today, I picked New Order's album Substance, and it's so obvious it's an 80s record!! That's not a bad thing at all, it's just obviously 80s. 
I chose New Order's album because I wrote a little about them for a college assignment, and I'd never actually listened to them, because it was effort, I'd much rather listen to stuff I know.. But they're actually really good, despite the typical 80s synth sounds! 

But I guess that's the thing - like all pop music sounds the same today, a lot of the popular 80s music sounded the same. Because it sells, it's what makes money.. It's how record companies get such huge profits. 

But the 80s were cool, man! Not that I was there.. The 80s saw the start of many great bands, and saw the best years of many others.. Nirvana and Green Day are two bands that started out in the 80s. Then there were the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Blur.. If you're really into the alternative scene, you will have heard of a fair few of the indie bands of the 80s. It's just a pretty cool thing.. 

I feel like in today's society, there are some people who see music as a throw-away thing, and they don't think about creating a timeless song, or an album that people can relate to a decade later. I will happily listen to Johnny Cash, a folk/country singer/songwriter from the 50s/60s. His music is beautiful, and I feel that he has a sound that will never age.. I don't really know how to explain it, but there is something about it, which I feel many youths wouldn't really get. 

I'm not quite sure what I was getting at with this post, but I wanted to write it anyway. Appreciate all music, because without it, the world would be a different place. Each style, each genre of music has risen from somewhere, and has done something to change a part of society, and the world that we live in.. Pretty cool, huh?

- Dottie. 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Happy new year!! It's bloody 2016, this is crazy!! And I've got a feeling this year is going to be a good one.. Because it can be, if I make it so, and I keep thinking positive. 

Anyway, there are some things I'd like to see happen this year, and I feel like I should write them here. They aren't exactly resolutions, but still.. Let's goooo...

I want to listen to more vinyl. I have a lot of LPs that were given to me by my uncle and my dad, and I don't really listen to them.. I want that to change. I listen to so much music, all different types, and I feel like those records just sitting there are wasting their potential.. But not any more!! I plan to get in touch with my hipster/indie side (because let's face it, I'm basically a hipster..) and listen to those 80s (like actually from the 80s) vinyls!! 

Crappy quality, apologies. 
I want to take more photos, and be just generally more artistic, in both the sense of actual art, and making music. Because both of those make me happy. And that's what's important. Also, I want to be able to tab songs by myself.. That is the goal, and I currently really struggle with it.. But I'm going to practice what I preach, and just do it, because practice makes perfect!! 

I would also really like to get a job. It's getting to the point now where I kind of need one. I can't keep asking my parents for money, or just y'know, not going out.. I have more friends, a bit further away, and I want to hang out with them, and treat them to tea, or just buy someone a bar of chocolate to make them smile.. SO I need to get a job.. Also I am 18 this year, soo.. You see my point, right? 

This blog is another thing. I've fallen in love with blogging, and writing, again, and I want to see this blog grow, and continue to prosper.. So we may see a redesign in the next few months!! Exciting, right?!

And finally this year, I want to do anything that makes me happy. Whether it's buying a stupid pair of boots, or dying my hair green. I'm going to do it. Because that's what's important, in the end.. Happiness.. Making time for myself.. Making sure that I'm okay, because, as I constantly say on 7 Cups of Tea, you are the most important person in your life. 

So go out there, be unapologetically yourself, and do what makes you happy. Don't say this year is your year, make this year your year!!

Happy 2016 guys!! 

- Dottie.