Sunday, 29 May 2016

What's In My Bag?

I have been meaning to write this post for about as long as I've been meaning to clean out my bag, which if you're wondering, has been a good couple of months. Before I begin writing, I would like to apologise for the quality of the photos, the lighting isn't very good... 

I should probably start by showing you my bag, and telling you where I got it. So, here it is: 

It's from Topshop, and cost me £28.00, with student discount. There were lots of different colours, including black, mustard yellow, and khaki, the one that I have. I use it for everyday use, and while it isn't real leather, it's lasted since January (with a lot of abuse!), so I would recommend it! I am not sure if it's still available online, but if you pop into your local branch, you may be able to find it in the sale. 
I have found that there is definitely enough room for everything I need, without it being too big, or too small. So that's definitely a plus. 

I'm going to jump right in to showing you what I have in my bag now..And nothing has been skipped because I didn't want it to be shown. This is what a real teenager has in her bag... 

In the small pocket on the front, I have... 

My 'first aid kit' containing plasters (I wear Docs...), a hair tie, hair grips, painkillers, and some cotton buds, in case my eye makeup smudges. I take this is pretty much whatever bag I have with me, I just take it out and pop it into another one. It's just pretty useful to have with me, and it keeps all of the little things that usually get lost all in one place. (I did get a photo of this, but I accidentally deleted it. Whoops.)  

A phone charger because we work on computers in college, so if I need to, I can charge my phone. No big deal, and pretty self-explanatory, too. 

A hand mirror, lip balm, and a nude lipstick because I like lip products.. And I don't really wear lipstick unless I find it in my bag.. It's a really nice shimmery nude, by L'Oreal, and Emma got it for me for Christmas. Thanks, buddy! The hand mirror is really cool, it has a magnifying side, and it's a pretty good size. It's quite useful to have around. 

A nail file, and a blue pen because they are useful things to have with you; people always ask for pens, and nail files, so it just makes life easier to carry them around with you. The nail file is from Superdrug, and is nothing special, but also pretty good.

In the big pocket, I have... 

My purse and an umbrella. My purse goes basically everywhere with me, and is from Accessorize. I got it for my birthday in October, and I don't think they sell them any more. I keep cash, coins, cards, and my driving license inside, so basically, usual purse stuff. Please don't steal it. The umbrella was a Christmas present from ages ago, and only really lives in my bag during bad weather. Not sure why it's in there right now...

As well as taking my purse basically everywhere, I also take my college ID with me. It entitles me to get discounted bus fares, and discounts in some shops and stuff. Pretty neat.

Gum, and polo mints, because I had a problem with chewing gum at one point, and I never got round to chewing all of the pieces in the bottle. And the mints are there because they taste nice.

Hairbrush, body spray, hand sanitizer, and an inhaler. Personal appearance, no B.O., and having clean hands are important things. I carry these things around as a 'just incase' thing, like if I'm having a bad hair day and need to tie it back, or I had to run for the bus and don't want to smell bad.. Or there's no soap or something when I need to wash my hands... The inhaler is there because I used to have asthma, and I just feel a little better knowing that I have it with me. 

Mini Jammie Dodgers in case I get hungry.. But they've been in my bag for ages and I haven't eaten them... Oops. 

Fifteen bus tickets and a couple of receipts. I get the bus to and from college, and bus tickets end up either in my back pocket, or in my bag. There may even be a couple in my purse... I'm pretty sure everyone just chucks random pieces of paper in their bags, so this isn't that big of a deal... 

And finally, in the little zip-up pocket, I have... 

Lady items. Enough said. 

I also carry my iPod, earphones, and my phone in my bag, but obviously they're not in there when I'm not out and about. 

I hope this was an interesting insight into my personality and my life and stuff?

See you around!
Dottie x

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