Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Most Perfect Morning...

The perfect morning would see me waking up at about 8:30am - without an alarm (or three!) - feeling well-rested and positive about the day ahead of me. Before this perfect morning, I would have already scheduled my plan of what I need to get done and when, leaving me much more time to actually be getting on with tasks. 

On said perfect morning, I'd wake up on time and with freshly washed hair, instead of having to dry shampoo the shit out of it because I was just too tired to shower the previous evening.
I'd have the day's outfit planned and ready to put on - something stylish and flattering, whilst also being comfy and practical for the weather. 

I'd roll out of bed and put on my fluffy dressing gown, and pad to the kitchen where I could make the world's best cup of tea and drink it whilst reading a really good book. 
Once the tea was finished (and maybe even the book...), I'd pop some crumpets in the toaster (because this is my ideal morning, I'd obviously have a toaster that I can put crumpets in, like a normal human), and get the butter and strawberry jam out of the fridge. Whilst eating, I'd catch up on any missed blog posts from the wonderful people I follow, and then set to work writing my own. 

My most perfect morning would see me most at peace with the world already up and awake around me. 

My most perfect morning would see me confident, happy, and see nothing going wrong. 

I'd be organised, wake up in a clean room, feeling clean and safe and warm. I'd be happy, not at all stressed, and the kind of relaxed you  feel after the perfect night's sleep. 

Please can I have a most perfect morning? I feel it's about time it happened to me...

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