Saturday, 11 March 2017

BOOK REVIEW: The Spinster Club Trilogy

The Spinster Club trilogy is a series of books written by author Holly Bourne. It follows a group of three teenage girls in college (UK) as they struggle with growing up, being okay, and being a feminist. The three books are called Am I Normal Yet?, How Hard Can Love Be, and What's a Girl Gotta Do?

Each book follows a different character and highlights the struggles of growing up. The first follows character Evie as she struggles with recovering from OCD and finding the perfect boy. The second features Amber, who spends her summer working at an American camp with her ex-alcoholic mother and a million and one difficult children. The third is a feminist quest from Lottie, who battles the sexism and prepares for a big uni interview. 

I really enjoyed reading these books, I do think they're great, and also a really good way to start to introduce teenage girls to feminism without all of the "men are pigs" "men who hold doors open for you are oppressing you" "all men are the same" nonsense. While not all of the equality issues are addressed (FGM, being forced to marry, etc. etc.), it does highlight how women face sexism in their everyday lives and I think that's important. 

I also like that these books highlight all aspects of teenage life - the struggles of school, the pressures of how to look and act, the struggles of finding who you are... These books have it all. Of course, they don't highlight normal life for everyone, and at some points the characters seem far from realistic, but it's fictional teen drama, so that's forgivable. 

I did really enjoy reading these books, so I don't want to pick them apart too much, or give any spoilers! There are so many important things covered in each book, and they definitely make for good reads! If you enjoy anything by John Green, then I can tell you that you will 100% love these books because they're just so much better than anything Mr Green has written (sorry... TFIOS is definitely overrated though...). 

So, here are the links to purchase them from 

So what are you waiting for?! Check 'em out and start yourself a feminist revolution!! 
- Dottie x 

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