Thursday, 20 July 2017

Reasons To Stay Alive - Matt Haig

This book will make you cry. It made me cry, and if it did that to me, it'll do it to you. This book, for me, hit home, and it hit home hard. It's about the real-life struggle of recovering from depression and anxiety; it's raw and harsh and brutally honest. But it gets better, it's not all tough reading. It makes you feel better for having read it and having reached the happy ending. 

While this was definitely one of the most difficult books I've read in terms of context, I'm glad that I forced myself though it because it's made me see things a little differently. There's an interesting thought from Matt Haig about running and how it helps him to manage anxiety; he says that running gives the same feeling as a panic attack - racing heart, ragged breathing, etc. - but it isn't one. (this has kinda made me want to go running now? I'll keep you updated on that). 

The way that Haig has approached writing this book is absolutely perfect for the content. It's brutally honest, which is exactly what we need to break the stigma surrounding mental health, it's funny in all of the right places, and yet it manages to be sensitive. It covers everything from mental health stigma, to statistics, to how to cope, and it even tells you what celebrities have depression/anxiety, which I personally feel is brilliant to include because it made me feel so much more normal, and less alone. 

I want to say so much about this book, but I've only read it once (I'm working my way up to reading it again, I really loved it!), and I haven't planned what exactly I want to say. 
But, the world needed this book. The world still needs this book. I want everyone to read it, and understand perhaps not what it's like, but how common things like depression, and like anxiety are. This book lets the world know that no two struggles, no two battles are the same, but each one is valid. It also gives others the chance to get their voice heard, and to share their reasons to stay alive. 

I guess since I'm writing, or rather babbling, about this book, I'll give you my reasons to stay alive...

♥ a cup of tea on a cold and rainy morning 

♥ spontaneous visits from friends

♥ laughter - it's always there somewhere

♥ fairy lights and candles and cosy blankets - those things feel safe. 

I have quite a few others but I don't want those to take away from what I'm trying to say about this book. 

Read it. Read it again, and again because like with any book, you'll notice something new. Highlight the important quotes, things you want to remember. Make it your own. 

Make your own reasons to stay alive. 

- Dottie ♥

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