Monday, 16 January 2017

Thank You, Vanessa!

Hello my lovelies! A few of you may have noticed a change came to Teenage Dirtbag a few months ago, and that is because the wonderful Vanessa Best (who's blog you can view by clicking here) crafted this wonderful blog that you are seeing right before your very eyes. 

Vanessa is a blogger who creates the most stunning posts; everything is thought out and well-planned, her words are beautiful, interesting, and meaningful, and her photography is simply stunning. I honestly aspire to be as good at this whole blogging thing as V is. 

Just to show you more of her beautiful work, here are snapshots of her blog, and some that she has designed...

Quills in the Inkwell 
Simply Me

Totally Graced
So, once again I'd like to say such a massive thank you Vanessa for not only designing a blog more beautiful that I could have imagined, but for inspiring me to try my best and keep learning how to better myself in blogging, because it's honestly the one thing I really enjoy. 

Thanks again.
- Dottie x

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