Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Why Do I Write?

When I was younger, I would spend hours sitting at the computer, in the little 'office' room in my house, and write stories... These stories weren't particularly original, or well written, but I enjoyed it, taking these thoughts in my head, and putting them into little black squiggles that made some sort of sense... I loved to create new people, and these other worlds that I could take myself... Much like reading, I used it as an escape... 
And now, today? I still write. I write my blog, on the odd occasion, I write in my journal things too personal, or complicated to blog, and I write album and gig reviews for Jurassic Press. Each of these things, I enjoy. 

I like journaling, as it is an outlet for all of these thoughts and emotions that get too complicated and tangled inside the cramped space in my own head. Writing everything out on paper helps more than you can imagine. Just focusing on the pen in my hand, and turning the blank page into one filled with these confusing feelings, and expectations, and conclusions is incredibly therapeutic, and something that I need to do more often. 

The enjoyment I find in writing music reviews is so immense that I am definitely considering this as a future university course, and maybe eventually a career path... I did always say that I wanted to be a writer... I feel a sense of pride when my review gets published online, and finding out new ways to describe a band, and summarise a gig, or an album makes me appreciate myself, for finding the words to portray how I experienced a song, or a gig, particularly because sometimes, it can be difficult, and each person experiences things differently.. The second live review I wrote was of Enter Shikari's gig in February. I spent hours in front of my laptop screen, using an online thesaurus, and notes that I'd hastily scribbled down before I fell into bed, exhausted from a day at college, and then standing for hours... (You can check it out by clicking here). I'm particularly proud of those last few sentences that summarise the gig.. 

And finally, this place. My little corner of the Internet, the land of the Teenage Dirtbags, who had punk phases and emo phases, and have no where else to put their thoughts. I write this blog because it gives me a platform, it's essentially my own little soap box, where I can voice the things I don't really know how to talk about. I am so not a talker.. I like seeing how each post I make reaches people in different places, different corners of the world. I like seeing this little place grow, and each comment people make warms my heart and makes me smile, even if I never get round to replying and thanking you. This blog gives me a place where I can show my intelligence (hopefully) and create content that I can be proud of. I've been blogging for a while now, I mean, this place has been going since around December 2014, and I had a different blog for around a year before that. There are still so many things that I don't know, but I hope to learn them, and get somewhere from this tiny little place. 
I enjoy what I do, I love literature, and words, and language. I like to share, and discuss, and see progress. I made this blog, I designed the header, and took photographs, and am starting to see something that I can be proud of. 

I love that. And if you're reading this, I love you; you've taken time out to check out what I do, and see who I am, and read the thoughts in my head. That means a lot, and I am incredibly grateful. 

Thank you. 
- Dottie x

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