Wednesday, 7 October 2015

10 Things I Wish I'd Learnt In School.

  1. How to live in the adult world. I know nothing about filling in forms, or paying taxes. I don't know how to manage my money and I am clueless about how my country is run... I mean, who do I vote for? What information do I need to put on a form? How do I make a doctors appointment?? 
  2. How to talk to people, and feel comfortable around them. I've always been the shy kid, and my school kind of just accepted that; they didn't care that this might hinder my future, and I was always overlooked. I really do wish I'd been helped more with relating to, and speaking to people, as it's something that really worries me now.
  3. School is nothing like real life. 
  4. People aren't as bad as they seem. I used to be, and still am sometimes, a cynical person. But now I'm no longer in school, I feel as though I can open up to more people, and be less afraid of them. School was always such a judgemental environment. 
  5. People care more about your personality than what you look like. If you're a nice person with similar interests to someone else, you will probably make friends with them. No one cares about your face. Seriously, that spot on your face, or the fact that you aren't wearing make up literally does not matter. I cannot stress this enough. It. Doesn't. Matter. Just be smiley and polite and yourself. That is all that matters. 
  6. Cleanse your face twice a day, and also moisturise. Don't wear make up to bed. Don't wash your hair everyday, and leave the hair straighteners alone once in a while.
  7. Things will usually always work out just fine, but time and dedication will help you to succeed. 
  8. You won't talk to most people you used to call your "friends" after you leave. But you will make new friends, and you will continue to lose friends and make new ones because that is life. 
  9. Going to gigs, and seeing bands and spending time with your friends will mean way more to you than the latest iPhone or expensive make up. Memories over money. 
  10. Finally, the last thing I wish I'd leant in school is how to love myself. Because so many teenagers now are so insecure and no one opens up about it. Honestly, talking about it would have helped me so much. Also, confidence classes would have been pretty cool...

Okey dokey, so this post was inspired by Dodie Clark's (Doddleoddle's) video right here: 

Her's are a lot better than mine, but there we are. And you have no excuse for not watching it, because it's only like a minute long. 

I also want you to write some things you wish you'd been taught in school, because school is crap, and my education is kind of useless.. I mean, I don't need to know about triangles to be a sound engineer??? 

Okay, thanks for reading!
- Dottie. 

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