Saturday, 24 October 2015

The World is Beautiful...

Wow, yay, the world is beautiful. And I shall tell you why... 

There are trees and plants and grass (although grass is a plant...) that make oxygen that we breathe. The drop their leaves, grow new flowers and are beautiful colours. Those trees and plants and the grass are homes for all sorts of different animals, that do wonderful things to help our environment. The trees provide shelter for other plants, that maybe can't grow in harsh winds, and when their leaves are gone in early spring, it allows small ground flowers like bluebells to blossom. There are tiny beetles and bugs and small creatures that have their own lives, but they also help to provide life to other creatures. Isn't that amazing? 

There are also people in this world. And yes, there are some not so great ones, but we won't talk about them. Why would you want to, when there are strangers who will smile at you as you walk past? And what about the strangers who make conversation with you on the bus? The people at gigs are all beautiful, because in one moment, hundreds to thousands of people are united by one thing - music. There are people who will know everything about you, and notice things that you didn't even realise you did, like playing with your hair when you're uncomfortable. 
There are selfless people who will give up their time to help people less fortunate, and people who will help you, so that you can have the best future possible. Wow, dude, people are just pretty cool. 

Buildings. Architecture. Everything has beauty, even if it isn't the conventional kind. We all need to open our eyes and appreciate how amazingly complex the world that we live in really is. There is so much that we don't even notice. I mean, don't we all take for granted the fact that, in a crowd, we're just another person, but everyone in that crowd has a story? Life is incredible, and not enough people realise it. 
Honestly, sometimes it's amazing to go out for a walk, with a camera, and just observe and see how beautiful the world really is. And no two days are the same!! Everything is always slightly different, and isn't that incredible? Wow, dude, I just really love Earth right now!

Until next time,
- Dottie. 

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