Saturday, 3 October 2015

Boring Bus Journey? READ THIS!!

So guys, as you know by now if you're here regularly, I have to get a bus twice a day, four days a week. And the journey is around an hour long. And it is boring. So, I have attempted to compile a list of things to do on a boring bus journey!!

See The Light (yes, vinyl!!)

1. Listen to music.

I feel as though this one is a bit obvious, but it's what everyone does. AND it does help to entertain you. A really fun thing to do is make a playlist of different songs and change it up every week. Some of my favourite bus journey albums are Bring Me The Horizon's That's The Spirit, Less Than Jake's See The Light and Green Day's American Idiot

2. Read a book. 

This isn't something that I personally do, but my sister told me to read on buses, as apparently it makes a journey go a lot quicker. (Also I was discussing this post with Emma, and she said I should put read a book, so here ya are Emma!!) But I can spend hours reading, so I completely understand how bus journeys can go fast when you're reading... Just don't miss your stop!

3. Talk to people.

This is something no one ever really does any more, especially if you get a bus by yourself. People usually just listen to music and ignore everyone around them, and that's fine. Sometimes. But if you're with your friends, or someone sits by you, try and make conversation, because I promise you, it is really lovely to have someone to talk to. It definitely helps with both your confidence, and feeling alone. It's nice to know that when I wait at the bus stop in the super early mornings and on Monday evenings, I'll have someone to talk to. So don't be rude. Say hi. You might meet some amazing people. 

Alternatively, you could ring a friend, because that's always a really nice thing to do when you're on the bus and have no one to talk to. Just don't talk to loudly, because it will start to irritate the people around you. 

I felt so hipster taking this photo!!

4. Drink tea, or eat chocolate.

Or both. I usually do this on a Friday on the way home after a busy week, and it's really relaxing to sip tea and look out at all of the scenery. So if you have some spare time before getting your bus, nip to a coffee shop and get a hot drink, because it's not only relaxing, but it's good to stay hydrated. 

5. Look at the scenery. 

I love just gazing out of the window and looking at what's around. Any trees will start changing around now, and autumn is such a beautiful time of year. Plus, you get to recognise when you're almost there, or almost home!

Okay, that's honestly all I can think of to do on a bus journey...They honestly are really boring, and it's dead time, really. I mean you could do your homework, or your makeup, but then you have the risk of it looking messy... Or you could sleep, possibly, but mind you don't miss your stop... And don't let people draw on your face... 

Hmm... I hope this helped in some way guys!! If you have any other tips for bus journeys, please feel free to leave them below, I've set the comments so that you don't need any Google accounts to comment!!
Thank you, 
- Dottie. 

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