Friday, 12 February 2016

Things That I Forget...

You have spots. You will get more spots. Everyone does, it's part of growing up. Accept that, it doesn't take away from your personality, or change who you are as a person. 
Not everyone hates you. Not everyone likes you. That's fine. People are weird and confusing, and so difficult to understand. Stick with your friends, and let whatever happens, happen. Relationships aren't the be all and end all of everything. Remember that; no single person is worth getting upset or emotional over. And sure, you might be getting more attention from guys now that you're at college.. But just don't let it go to your head. Just be you. 

You most definitely are not fat. You're probably underweight.. Everyone has something about their body that they dislike, but don't just spent your entire life in skinny jeans and baggy t-shirts to hide that. Show off a bit, dress up.. Have fun! 
Makeup does not equal beauty. If you're happy with yourself, then do not do anything just because society tells you to. Be happy with yourself. 

You are not indestructible. You need time to reset. Stop trying to do everything, stop searching for jobs or worrying about college, or what people think of you. Sit your ass down with a cup of tea and some chocolate, and watch a movie. Any movie. And get lost in it. Cry, laugh, let your emotions out. Reset yourself. 

The world is not out to get you, and your life is perfectly amazing the way that it is. You're a privileged person, and you can help others. So do it. 

If your heart tells you to do something, just freaking do it. Stop being so worried about the consequences, I mean, chances are, there won't be any.. You only get one shot at life.. 

What you wear, who you're friends with, the colour of your hair.. It literally does not matter to the people that love you. And god-freaking-dammit, people love you. They're all around you. And you love them. They're your family, and friends who may as well be family because you're so close.. They love you.. 

Stop hiding behind the big shirts and the hair cut you've had for years.. It's finally time to grow up and become the beautiful person you are inside. Stop hating yourself, those little negative thoughts about your nose, your jaw, the outfit you picked out or your wonky eyeliner. No one else notices.. 

Just stop it. 

You are you. 

That is all that you can be, and all anyone asks of you. 

And remember,

I love you. 

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