Monday, 1 February 2016

Monday Motivation: Life is Exciting!

Wow, I'm blogging in college again!! Apologies to anyone who is here looking for my Liebster Award post, just keep scrolling past this one and you'll find it! 

But yes, I am in college, and I am writing my blog. And I must remember to go sign in to directed study in fifteen minutes.. Because attendance.. I am currently surrounded by business students, who I do not know, and I feel like I am being judged, because libraries are a place of work, not blogging.. But no matter, I guess I look productive.. 

But I am writing this post because life is exciting again!! Some opportunities have arisen, which make me so, so happy, and others make me excited, and life is just so cool at the moment!! 
I'm going to start with what I've been doing today, because I actually think it's awesome.. If you didn't know, I'm studying music technology in college (UK), and it basically gives me all of the skills I need to work anywhere in the music industry.. Pretty cool, right?! Well today we have started a module called "music and sound for the moving image", which involves looking into how the music and sound is made, and composing a soundtrack for a movie or game trailer.. And I'm actually so excited!! I guess though, I'm more excited about it because it's something that Emma is interested in, which basically means that I'm interested in it.. But I guess it means that it further opens up my choice of work in the music industry.. 

And another thing that I'm excited about is Wednesday.. I am going to my favorite gig venue ever, to help out at a gig!! And for those of you who don't know, I really, really want to be a live sound engineer.. So this is crazy!! 

The reason behind my not posting last Tuesday, like I usually do, was because I was composing emails to local(ish) venues, asking if it were at all possible for me to either shadow a sound engineer, or help out at a gig.. In total, I emailed around 10 venues (probably less), and three of them replied.. One of them gave me the email address for their sound engineer, and the other two offered me some dates to head down and help out.. SO that's what I'm doing!! 

I guess though, the thing I've learnt from this is, don't always assume the worst scenario. I always thought that if I emailed venues, they would refuse to let me help out, due to licensing, and my being under the age of 18.. 
So I guess the point is, (I am signed in now) don't just assume that the answer is always no; the music industry is such a competitive industry, so you kind of have to jump on every chance you get, and get to know as many people in the industry as possible.. and I guess this can be applied to everything in life.. 

I think that we all see being in school, and college, and maybe even university as horrible thing, because we feel trapped, and unable to find time for ourselves. And yes, I understand that, for some people, it really is that bad.. (Especially those of you doing A Levels.. Gosh, you have my full support and respect for doing that).. And we all want to grow up, as soon as we can, so that we can be free.. 

But what so many people don't see is that you're already free.. There is so much that you can do to get experience, and to explore the world that we live in. And I never freaking realized this.. Sometimes, all it takes is just one email address..

And now suddenly I realised that there is a plethora of opportunities for me to take, maybe not for jobs, but for experience, and to help me to learn.. 

And I feel like it's the same for everyone.. No matter what you're interested in, and how much you know about it, just drop someone an email, and see what they say.. I mean, it's not really the end of the world if they say no, is it?! 

I've been looking into projects that are specifically trying to help young people with regards to getting into the music industry, and I stumbled upon The Big Music Project. 
Now I don't think that I'm the best to explain this, so I'm going to link you to their 'about' page, so click here to find out some more.. 
I've also found a really interesting article about finding work experience in the music industry, and again, I guess the tips will apply to all industries, so click here to have a read of that one. 

If by any chance, anyone reading this is interested in working in some form of the creative industry, feel free to write a comment, because I would love to hear more about that!!

Okay, bye for now!!

- Dottie. 

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