Wednesday, 30 September 2015

College Update!!!

College (UK) isn't as scary as I first thought!! I'm really enjoying it, everyone is so lovely and learning is super interesting!!
Okey dokey, so, I've spoken to a few more people now, and some of the guys are starting to smile if they walk past me in the corridors, so I don't feel as though they hate me any more, which is good. However, there is one girl, who hung out with me on the very first day, and I was so lovely, I asked her about herself and wasn't rude or bitchy, and now she sort of seems to look down her nose at me... I don't even know what I've done wrong... But never mind, there are loads of other lovely people. 

I feel like one of my teachers, Pete, kind of thinks I'm rude, because I was waiting for some content to download on Logic, so I was texting my friend, and he sort of looked at me and went "Dottie!" and started talking to me about work... Also I sort of look around the room when people talk to me... Oops... 

The only downside to college is the hour on a bus, but it's totally worth it because I love college so much! I feel that I'm already becoming more confident, I don't mind having conversations as much, and I'm starting to feel less self-conscious now. I actually talked to a guy who does a media course and gets the same bus as me, for the whole journey home, and I learnt a lot about him! We're actually really similar, and he's really nice :) (He understands my love of baggy clothing!! Why do I relate more to guys than girls though???) 

Yesterday I also signed up to play in the Christmas concert/show thing, so that happened. I don't know why I did it... Maybe because at first I said no and the guy getting names said jokingly "Aww, are you scared?" and me being me was like "hah, no" and I put my name down... Well done, Dottie. In a way though, I am looking forward to it, because it's going to do wonders for my confidence, and I need to do a performance early next year, so I thought I'd better get some practice in!! 

I really love college now, it's totally worth it, and I'm really enjoying everything I've been learning. Already I'm starting to see opportunities where I can work with bands or volunteer at music venues to get first-hand experience of stuff. 

Sorry this has been a short post, I don't really know what to write, other than everything is exciting! I just thought I'd update you on life :) 

Enjoy the rest of your week!
- Dottie. 

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