Wednesday, 2 September 2015


This post is for Emma, who told me to change my thoughts from negative ones into positive ones :) 

I was planning on writing a bitchy, negative post about people at festivals (because since when did Metallica become the band that represents under-age teenage girls in tiny denim shorts and flower crowns?), but now I'm going to be positive. 

Okay, so festivals... A place to discover new bands, right? And old favourites. Popular bands that you've never seen live. A place to mosh, dance, open up a pit. A place to meet new people. And that's why they're so great. They're diverse, both in the sense of music, and people there. You can go see new bands, and speak to new people. It's brilliant. (I'm thinking of writing a review of my day at Reading at the end of the week). 

I do have one complaint though - an obscene amount of litter was thrown on the floor. Why?? What is the point? 

The next thing is, I went to enrol at college yesterday, and it turns out I can't do music tech at the college that is like five minutes away from me, due to low numbers choosing that course at my college. So, instead of doing something that I don't want to do, I'm still doing music tech (because music is my life, man), just at a college that's over an hour away. And yeah, I was upset about this, but this morning I see it more as an opportunity. Buses scare me. So, by going on one twice a day, four days a week, it will help me get over that. It will help me to feel more confident around people, maybe even help me talk to people. 

I'm still excited about college, it's even more of an adventure for me now. I get to go to a new place, with even more new people. Also, I will get to exercise everyday, since I will walk from the bus station to college and back everyday, until I get a skateboard... 

So I guess that most negative situations have a positive side, depending on your outlook. I want you all to do one thing for me this week - try changing your outlook on things, and try being more positive. For example, don't like school? Great, that narrows down your choices for after school. See, it's not a bad thing. 

Have a great week, guys!!

- Dottie. 

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  1. I really liked this post! I think it reminds us that sometimes we need to turn around and focus on the positives, even if it seems like there aren't that many. Good luck for college! x