Monday, 14 December 2015

Cute Candles and a Clean Room!!

Today has been, um, productive?? Today was the first official day of my Christmas holidays, and I know what you're thinking, exciting, right?! Nah, mate. Not exciting at all. 
Yay, a blurry Christmas Yankee Candle!

Now don't get me wrong, three weeks of not having deadlines, and not being around a load of people, and having to look presentable, and y'know, actually awake at 9 AM after getting up at 6 AM. But I'm going to miss college. I will miss like two of my friends, and being in the Mac suite and playing keyboards, and the noise. The constant noise. God, am I going to miss that. I have come to hate silence. And I have no one to talk to in the day, because everyone is either at work, or school, sixth form or college. I am alone. 

But on the flip side, it does mean that I can get stuff done without any interruptions!! Today, I cleaned and tidied my entire room, and changed my bed sheets. It smells so nice in here now!!  Although that could well be the candle.. It smells of Sparkling Snow. Whatever the heck that smells of. 

And tomorrow I intend to attack the shelves in my room. Because they are full of crap. And I am determined to get the Tumblr room I've always dreamed of. So there. 

The reason behind my cleaning and tidying is that since it's the holidays, I'm going to be spending more time in my room, and so I want it to be a nice, relaxing, tidy space. They're right when they say a tidy room equals a tidy mind. It's so much nicer to be in a clean room!! 
Another thing is, my room is my space, so I want it to feel like that.. I've got posters and gig tickets everywhere, but I don't know, I want more than that.. I want photos of my friends everywhere, and cute candles and fairy lights because I'm not 100% punk kid. Honest!!

And I'd love for all of my books to be on shelves, instead of in piles literally all over the floor. And all of my CDs and vinyls could have space... I really cannot wait to get it sorted now, haha!! 

I don't really know what to write about, other than the face that I've been listening to indie bands all day. Like, all day.. And I've been watching make up tutorials on YouTube... And I haven't properly gotten dressed today. I am wearing my Pierce the Veil tee and leggings. It's a lazy day. Judge me!!

Okay, bye for today!! 
- Dottie. 

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