Thursday, 10 December 2015

This is Weird...

Oooh, I'm uploading on a Thursday, wow!! But that's not why today is weird.. I'm just chilling in college by myself this afternoon, killing time until I have to go to a lesson. Well, ask if I can leave and go home.. My only other teacher that I have on Thursdays is off with flu, so basically the entire class left.. And I was texting to my friend until he left to have a shower.. 

So now I am in the library writing a blog post. Because otherwise Emma will be mad at me, because I've not written anything in ages.. Sorry about that.. Life got in the way. But I'm here now!! 

Hmm, what to write? Everyone around me is doing work.. Well.. The guys opposite me are music students, I believe, and they're just talking.. One of them is cute.. Hmm.. I think I'm just going to update you guys on what's been going on recently.. I've had driving lessons, and I'm getting better.. Although I don't really like it.. It just seems so scary that I am in control of a vehicle.. And I could hurt people.. Even kill people.. Like isn't that scary?! But I'm not as terrible as I was when I first started learning, and, as Vicky and Emma reminded me, you won't be good at something right away.. It takes time.. So that's a thing.. 

I've been at college and basically had nothing to do, because I have managed to finish all of my assignments waaaaaaay before anyone else.. I'm either a nerd, or I've failed completely.. I'm not too sure which.. Also at college, there is drama.. Oooo, yay!! So I made a new friend, which I may or may not have mentioned, I can't remember.. And he dated my first college friend for like two days, before she broke up with him for someone else, who won't actually date her.. And then stuff happened between my two friends and they won't speak now, and she hasn't been to college since Monday.. I am worried about her.. I also don't know if I should be putting this stuff on the internet.. But anyway, I got to hang out with my lovely new guy friend for a while on Tuesday, and it was really nice. He was super open, and we got on really well.. He also paid for my cup of tea, which, if you don't know, is the way to my heart... It also means that I now owe him a cuppa, since he paid for mine.. Which just means that we get to hang out again, which I honestly do not mind one bit!! 

Another thing that happened is, when I was hanging out with my guy friend on Tuesday, he told me I would make a good mother.. Which is weird.. A lot of stuff is weird, including our relationship.. Sometimes he's all like "hey friend, how's it going?!" Like really friendly, and then other times, it's confusing.. He's a pro snowboarder, which is crazy-cool, and he was telling me how he wants a friend to go with.. (Me..) And then he said something along the lines of "plus, snow chicks are really hot" Is that flirting?!?! I literally do not know.. Also he just goes quiet sometimes and like stares at me, but I don't think he means to, so that's cool, I guess?? 

I am in the library blogging, and listening to Twenty One Pilots and am so tempted to sing as loud as I can.. Yep, good plan. Because it's not weird.. Like at all..... 

I don't know what else to write.. I ache.. All of my muscles ache because I went indoor rock climbing on Tuesday.. (not with the guy).. And I went to a gig last night.. Which wasn't that fun.. It was just a load of twenty-something year old men, who were drunk and moshing violently.. Little delicate me didn't stand a chance, hahah!! The bands were all amazing though, and I met my lovely friend that I haven't seen for ages!!! That actually made my night!!! 

I just realised that when I just write for no reason, everything must get very confusing, because I don't use names, it's just me kind of saying "this guy" and "my friend"... I'm so bad at this. 

Oh!! I didn't tell you a thing!! I think I might like my new guy friend? I don't actually know, but every time I'm with him, I just kinda wanna hug him? He's really good at hugs, it's cute.. He basically hugs me super duper tight and I like it.. He's so skinny but so strong, it's weird... 
BUt we can't date. Because he dated my college friend, and they are no longer on good terms, so she would probably hate me if we dated.. So that's the story of why I can't date my new friend!! Yay, fun times... 

This post is basically me writing to Emma, to tell her about stuff in more detail, because I don't tell her very much about stuff anymore.. But hopefully we get to hang out more during the Christmas holidays!! And she is going to teach me to play piano, yay!! 

And I'm going to stop writing now, because this makes literally no sense whatsoever.. And the computer next to me is taken and I feel awkward.. Sorry guy next to me... 

Bye for now, 
- Dottie!!

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