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What's Happened to the Subcultures?!

This image is not my own, it's from Pinterest, I believe!
Okay, so this post is inspired by a pair of boots.. The lovely Oxblood/Cherry Red Doctor Martens, which I am thinking of purchasing. And I was looking for some style guides, or some inspiration on how to wear them, and I stumbled upon a forum of literally loads of people warning against buying them. 

You see, the Oxblood Docs, or black Docs, are, or were, associated with a group of people from the late sixties/early seventies called the "skinheads". The skinheads evolved from the working class mods, and were the people who couldn't afford to go to university. Instead, they were stuck with being labourers or dock workers, hence the utility/work boots they wore. Basically, the skinheads were a bunch of youths who wore jeans rolled up so that you could see their big boots, and Fred Parry polo shirts and denim jackets, or y'know, big jackets. They were intimidating, and they were called skinheads because they shaved their heads. This subculture evolved from ska/reggae music, and from the attitude of those who immigrated to the UK. Basically, it came from rubbing shoulders with people of different ethnicities. 

So, I will say this: 

Skinheads were not originally racist or radical. 

Thank you. 
The whole look of skinheads, their intimidating presence, was adapted by those in different countries who didn't understand it's roots. That's where the idea of skinheads being radical/right-wing/neo-Nazis came from. 

And there were so, so many other subcultures a few decades ago. The mods, and the rockers, who opposed them. The skinheads, punks, and the hippies, who were kind of educated mods, I guess. 
All of these subcultures evolved from something, and all of the youths who were a part of the movements had something to fight for. The skinheads wanted equality, the hippies wanted an end to the Vietnam war. These people represented who they were by what they wore, and their voices were those of the big bands and musicians of their day. 

And what do we have now? Look at us. Think about it. 

We have nothing, fuck all. We think we are all original, and bar a few of the alternative people, we really aren't. Now I'm not entirely sure I'm the right person to talk about this, as I am a member of the alternative community, but this is something that has sparked my interest. 

Our generation are better off than any generation before us, as a whole. I understand that, individually, this may not be true, but we have more than any other generation has had. And this will continue to be the case as we grow up and have children, and there is a new generation of youths. 
I don't think we, as a generation, appreciate this enough. 
Look around you right now. I bet you have a phone, some pretty decent shoes, nice enough clothes. Aren't you lucky? What did you get for Christmas, something nice? Because same. My phone is literally sat right next to me, I'm writing this on a pretty good laptop. 

We, as youths, have become lazy. What do we stand for now? The answer to that is nothing. On the internet, we can say we're feminists, and we're all for equality, and that we want wars to stop. But are we out there doing anything? Fuck no!! As a whole, the youth of today is standing to the side and letting life pass by. We don't even attempt to have a say in anything! Where are the protest rallies against the privatisation of the NHS? Oh, wait, we're all sat inside tweeting about it, or rather, about how much we don't care, it doesn't affect us. But it does. 

The youth of today is so pathetic. We all try to be so identically original that it defeats the point. It's a case now, of every man for himself. We only care for ourselves. Of course, we don't remember what it was like a few decades ago.. But we should know. We should have an interest, and we should be curious about how our world works. 

We are force-fed stupid media stuff, all of this commercial pop music, making us feel as though we're happy and content with life. And yet, if we wake up and see, we really aren't. Youth subcultures used to give people a sense of belonging, and a family that wasn't related by blood. You could just look at someone and know instantly what music they listened to, whether they read books, or drank beer. You just kind of knew who someone was by taking a look at them, and what they were wearing. 

And now we have no clue.. Only the punks/Goths/rockers/scene kids/metalheads/emos stand out in today's society.. 

We need to stand up and fight for what we want in life, because the government isn't going to just hand it to us. We need to tell them what we want. We need to stop being sheep and go check out a new band, a different band, some new music. Stop dancing to stuff that has heavy bass, and try out some guitar music. And those who mosh, listen to house music. Just stop trying to be someone that you might not be. Be open to new ideas, and get the hell out of your house for once!!

Okay, this wasn't all that I wanted to write, but I can't remember what it was that I wanted to write. 

I want our generation to stop being such wet blankets and stand up and say "This is me!! Stop holding me down, and let me fight for my rights!!" I want the youths of today to be empowered, and know they can accomplish whatever the heck they want to!!

Thank you, and goodnight!

- Dottie. 

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