Friday, 11 December 2015

(Late) November Favourites!

It's December now!! Which means only one thing - Christmas!! Or rather, a three week long Christmas break!! Yes, all the sleep!!!!

But December also means that I get to share with you guys the things that I've been loving very much in the month of November. So let's get straight into it!! 

My favourite book in November was A Million Miles by Amy Fleisher Madden. It's about a girl who becomes a band's tour manager (set in the late '90s), and it's such a good read, and I would recommend it for any music lover, or someone who wants to get involved in the music scene, as I think it's quite insightful!! It was honestly so great, I read it in about two days.
Anyone with a Kindle should definitely check it out, as it's only a few quid on Amazon. 

Now, for those of you who know me, you'll know that I'm in love with a band called Dead! They released a new song at the end of October, and it's really rather good. (However, I could be biased.) This band are definitely rising stars, they've got some awesome stuff coming up in the next year, including their first overseas show!! Jump on the bandwagon (hah) now, and say you knew them when, because these guys might just be the next big thing! Check out their new music video right here. (I did try to get the video on my page, but it didn't work..) 

My favourite pair of shoes in November was my trusty Doctor Martens, which I do not have a photo of because I am writing this at 9PM whilst wearing my PJs. So nah, mate. Maybe another time. 
Anyway, these Docs are so comfy, I basically wear them to college every day, and they don't really scuff or get dirty, or anything. Docs are such a great investment, and an awesome pair of winter shoes, if you look after them!! (Apparently I look like a rocker when I wear them.. Hmm...) 

Image result for doctor martens wonder balsamTo go along with that one, the Doctor Martens Wonder Balsam is bloody brilliant. It just basically cleans and looks after the leather of your boots, and, although it's expensive, a little bit goes a long way, so it's definitely worth the investment!! 

In November, I started to look at different makeup as well, instead of just my bog-standard black eyeliner. I've invested in a small natural eyeshadow palette, which I actually adore. The colours are really nice, and not really bright, and there are some cute sparkly ones, too! I'm planning on getting some more when I go shopping, so I might do a little haul of the things that I buy. Just because why not? 

I actually really want to mess about and try on makeup now, so I think I'll leave this post here!! I'm thinking of doing a mini "Blogmas" and write every day of my Christmas holidays. Sound good? It sounds good to me!! I've really missed this!! 

Bye for today!
- Dottie. 

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