Saturday, 19 December 2015

Ten Reasons I Love Christmas

So far, this Blogmas hasn't been very Christmassy. So this post is going to change that!!

1. Pretty nail varnish!! 

Yup, I love Christmas because I can paint my nails with pretty sparkles and cute snowflakes. It's exciting, okay?? 

2. Lovely Christmas Lights

Since I've been going to college in a city, I've been seeing Christmas lights since before mid-November, so it's fair to say I've been excited!! It always looks so nice to see everything lit up, and sparkly. I always think it looks so pretty, and very festive!! 

3. Shopping for Other People

I always find shopping for presents fun, because it shows me how well I know other people. I find it pretty cool that I can walk into a shop and pick up something that my best friend would love.. It just shows people how much attention you pay to them, and how well you know them. It makes me happy! 

4. Snuggly Jumpers and Fluffy Socks!

I don't always live in band tees!! I love wearing warm, wooly cardis and jumpers in winter, because it always looks adorable, and just who doesn't love fluffy socks?!? They look hella adorable, are really warm, and stop your winter boots from giving you blisters. It's win-win! 

5. Chocolate, and Cake, and Biscuits! 

Because it's so nice to have yummy chocolate for when you're watching Christmas movies. And just cake.. Cake is cool.. And tins of biscuits.. Yep, I'm excited now!! 

6. Christmas Music

Because it wouldn't be Christmas without cheesy 80s pop songs, right?! There is also some hella good pop punk covers kicking around if you look for them!! 

7. Spending Time with Family

I love Christmas because I get to see my family. And that makes me happy. Because I spend so much time at college, or with friends, or just sat in my room, and it means I never really see my family. So that's ultimately why I love Christmas so much. It's not the food, or the gifts. It's seeing people I love. 

8. Giving Gifts

Yup, I love giving people presents. I love to see their faces when they realise what you got them.. It makes me so very super duper happy.. Because you made someone who means a lot to you happy.. 

9. Movies

I love snuggling up on the sofa on Christmas eve/day/boxing day and just watching movies. It's so peaceful, and I really love watching movies.. So there we go, that's a thing. 

10. January Sales. 

I know, I know, this isn't a Christmas thing, but it's nice to get stuff heavily discounted. Sales are just brilliant!!
Okay, so those are ten things I love about Christmas!! It's pretty pathetic, I know.. But it was fun to write!! Let me know why you love Christmas in the comments below!! 

Bye for now,
- Dottie, 

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