Saturday, 16 January 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Curve of the Earth - Mystery Jets.

Mystery Jets 

It's been around three years since indie rock band Mystery Jets released an album, and now they've gone and released their fifth album!! Curve of the Earth was released January 15th 2016, so only yesterday, but I've a feeling it's going somewhere!

The opening song, Telomere instantly got me thinking of bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, with the smooth vocals and lazy, chilled out guitar riffs. As the album progresses, more synths are used, creating a varying, interesting feel to it. For some reason, it feels very 80s/new wave to me!

Bubblegum is a song that speaks, talking of memories, and how things change. This is a poignant track, which stands out. Midnight Mirror is a more rocky track, not dissimilar to The Vaccines' music. 

Another stand-out track is the final song, The End Up, which has more of an acoustic pop sound, but it's still amazing nonetheless! The whole album progresses and keeps you interested just enough to listen for almost an hour. However, my only complaint would be there is little variation in the style of the music, which is to be expected, since they are an indie band, but it would be nice to see a few little changes, to shake things up a bit.

Overall, the whole album is beautifully crafted, bring to the table some lovely indie pop sounds, and a very chilled vibe. Put it on in the background when hanging out with friends, or blast as loud as you can and have a dance party, it's up to you, but this album is here to be enjoyed!!

Rating: 7/10

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines, etc. 


So guys, I hope you liked my review of this album, you should definitely check it out!! 

I thought I'd get a little practice in, as I'm looking into volunteering for an online music magazine, writing reviews and the such, which should be good!!

Okay, bye for now!

- Dottie. 

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